A. In acquiring membership, each Club expresses its agreement to comply with the Constitution, By-Laws, Rules, and Policy Guidelines of the Chesapeake Bay Hockey League (CBHL) and  USA Hockey.


B. Application for membership by a Club shall be submitted to the CBHL Board of Directors for consideration. Criteria for membership are as follows: 1) Applicant club must have its own checking account, 2) Applicant club must not be run by rink ownership or management, 3) Applicant club must demonstrate adequate organizational capacity to support an ongoing youth hockey program 4) Applicant club must outline growth plans


C. A new Club accepted for initial membership shall become a provisional member for the first two seasons of its participation in the CBHL. At the completion of the second provisional membership season, the CBHL Board of Directors shall consider its application to become a regular member, if such application is made. A provisional member shall have the same rights and privileges as regular members, except for the right to vote on its application to become a regular member.


D. Clubs are expected to be represented at all CBHL meetings. Failure to attend CBHL meetings shall result in the offending club being fined $20.00 to be reflected in the monthly Treasurer’s report. The CBHL Commissioner/Vice Commissioner-Treasurer can rescind the fine for non-attendance in extraordinary circumstances.


E. In order to maintain a complete record of all players in the CBHL area all CBHL Clubs will submit rosters for all registered players at all levels of play, including house and instructional programs to the Southeastern District Registrar.

F. The Commissioner may recommend suspension, revocation or other sanction against a member club. The charged club is entitled to a hearing before the league membership. Thirty day notice shall be provided to the club and league membership prior to the hearing. A two-thirds majority vote of those member clubs present at the hearing is required to uphold the recommended sanction.




A. the Board of Directors shall consist of one representative from each CBHL member club.


B. the Board of Directors shall have the authority and responsibility to:


1. Subject to notice and voting requirements, amend the by-laws.

2. Issue written policy guidelines.

3. Annually recruit and elect by majority vote of the Board of Directors, the Commissioner, and a Vice Commissioner - Treasurer, and fill vacancies in these positions.

4. Approve the annual budget and establish member fees.

5. Subject to new applicant membership requirements in Section II, 1, et seq. consider applications for league membership.



The Commissioner shall be responsible for overall operation of the CBHL. In carrying out that responsibility he shall have broad executive power to make any and all decisions not specifically reserved to the Board of Directors. The Commissioner's authorities and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

A. Convening and chairing meetings of the Board of Directors except those convened by the Chairman of the Board of Appeals.

B. Approving of expenditures of CBHL funds.

C. Scheduling CBHL Board of Directors meetings.

D.  Recruiting and managing all volunteers and staff to assist in the regular operations of the CBHL

E. Considering matters referred to him by the Board of Appeals and acting appropriately.

F. Imposing discipline for violations of the rules of play.

G. Imposing discipline on any CBHL club.

H. Overseeing the interrelationship of all clubs.

I. Assigning, managing and insuring functional responsibilities of: 1) Liaison activities with area professional teams 2) the scheduling of league games, 3) the registration of players and coaches 4) the collection and dissemination of league statistics 5) the nomination and operation of the Competition Committee and 6) appointing a three member Board of Appeals.

J. the Commissioner has authority to dismiss members of the CBHL staff for non-performance and obtain replacements from the dismissed member's clubs. The Commissioner is expected to recruit and assign additional staff from any source in the hockey community as necessary to fulfill the responsibilities of the Commissioner's office.

K. the Commissioner shall ensure that current copies of all official documents of the CBHL are distributed to each officer and designated club representative to the CBHL Board of Directors at the earliest practical time following annual elections of officers and representatives. These documents include:

1) Constitution of the Chesapeake Bay Hockey League 2) By-Laws of the Chesapeake Bay Hockey League 3) Rules of the Chesapeake Bay Hockey League 4) Chesapeake Bay Hockey League Policy Guidelines

L.  The Commissioner shall manage CBHL web site

M.  The Commissioner is responsible for all advertising and fundraising activities

N.  The commissioner is responsible for implementing all player discipline for CBHL and USA Hockey rules and regulations



A)  The Vice Commissioner – Treasurer may serve in the absence of the Commissioner.

B) The Vice Commissioner - Treasurer shall maintain a checking account in the name of the Chesapeake Bay Hockey League and be responsible for collection of membership fees from all teams entered in the CBHL each season. The Vice Commissioner -Treasurer will also be responsible for the following:

1. Shall submit a proposed annual budget.

2. Shall submit a financial report at the annual meeting of the Board of Directors.

3. Shall submit interim financial reports to the Board of Directors as requested.

4. Shall transmit copies of meeting minutes to Board of directors prior to the next Board of Directors meeting.

5. Shall pay all proper financial obligations of the CBHL.



 The Board of Appeals shall consist of three members, including a Chairman who will preside over the Board of Appeals.


The Board of Appeals is appointed by the Commissioner. The Vice Commissioner will automatically retain one of three seats on the Board of Appeals. 


The Board of Appeals has the authority and responsibilities to:

A. Hear all complaints concerning, the Commissioner. If the Board of Appeals concludes the complaint has no merit, the matter is closed.


If the Board of Appeals decides the complaint has merit, it will refer the matter to the Commissioner, or Board of Directors as appropriate, for necessary action.


B. Refer complaints warranting removal for cause of the Commissioner directly to the Board of Directors.

C. Direct the Chairman of the Board of Appeals to convene and chair special meetings of the Board of Directors. Such special meetings of the Board of Directors shall be limited to removal for cause proceedings against the Commissioner or to extraordinary circumstances.



The CBHL Board of Directors will review and approve the CBHL Rules prior to the start of each season. The Commissioner will notify the members of the Board of meetings for reviewing rules and will publish on the League Web Site and distribute complete and current copies of the Rules as soon as possible following their approval for the season. Rules may be changed after the season's start only for extraordinary reasons. A two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the Board of Directors must approve any changes to the rules before the start of the season.



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