About TeamSportsInfo.com

The TSIC Mission

TeamSportsInfo.com is in business to facilitate the efficient administration and operation of youth and amateur team sports by means of the World Wide Web.

At TSIC, we believe in the importance of youth and adult recreational physical fitness and the development of healthy team participation skills. To that end, we are committed to provide:

  • Quality administrative support to team sports organizers.
  • Complete and timely information to coaches, players, and their families.

Background of Youth Sports Administration in Local Communities

Communities typically rely on the services of volunteers to provide team sports opportunities for youth and amateur athletes. League adminstrators are tremendously burdened by paperwork and other administrative duties. They spend countless hours performing labor-intensive tasks such as:

  • Creating databases from handwritten player registration forms.
  • Processing registration fees.
  • Creating team rosters.
  • Devising and distributing league schedules and field directions.
  • Entering game scores and tracking standings.
  • Numerous phone calls for any change in schedules.

The TSIC Solution

The development of an efficient solution to the operation and communication functions of team sports organizations led to the creation of a unique, innovative Internet product. The TSIC package is a web-based software application with the following online features :

  • Simple registration and payment procedures for all players.
  • Team roster formation from a dynamic player database.
  • Schedule creation for teams and fields.
  • Viewing of rosters, schedules, field locations, driving directions, and team standings.
  • Message board for important announcements (cancellations; schedule changes).
  • Purchase of sports equipment, apparel, and tickets to sporting events.
  • Access to sport camp information and fundraising opportunities.

The TSIC Product

The TSIC package is an Internet-based software application that will facilitate efficient registration, team roster formation, and schedule creation for team sports administrators, participants, and their families. The online registration function available to players will greatly reduce the need for data entry, and TSIC will perform any remaining data entry generated by walk-in or mailed-in registrations.

The registration process creates a dynamic database of players from which club administrators create team rosters using TSIC's intuitive online tools. The teams are then submitted to the league official responsible for scheduling. The flexibility of the TSIC product provides simple steps in order to generate various schedules (round robin, single or double elimination) for tournament and regular season games.

One of the major aspects of the TSIC product is our hands-on support component. We believe that the nature of community-based recreational team sports will be best served by direct communication between TSIC staff and client sports administrators.

In addition to streamlining the administrative functions of the organization, the TSIC site will offer important team information and up-to-date announcements via a message board.

To complete the "one-stop shopping" concept, the TSIC marketplace will feature  the sale of sports equipment, clothing, camps, fundraising options, and tickets to sporting events.

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