Privacy Policy

Privacy (TSIC) is committed to provide a superior Internet resource for team sports administrators, coaches, participants and their families. In doing so, we will be asking you to supply important demographic information when you register as a player or a team, as well as credit card information if you choose to shop online at the TSIC marketplace. Thus, we present this privacy policy statement to outline the steps we have taken to maintain a secure environment.

Information We Collect and Display

  1. Registration

    When you register with TSIC you will be asked to provide your role within the sports organization i.e. league or club commissioner, coach, or player, and will then be asked to select a user ID and password. These features will restrict the viewing of information to what is pertinent for that individual. Players and their parents will login under the player’s user ID and password. In order for a player to register, names, addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, email addresses, physician and emergency contacts will be collected. This information can be entered online or via a paper mail-in or walk-in form. Regardless of which method a player uses to register, that information will be entered into the TSIC Internet database for clubs and leagues to use to create teams and schedules. When administrators register teams with a league in order to schedule the season’s games, the registration information will include names, addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, and email addresses of players and their coaches. Once you have registered with TSIC, the information you have provided will be maintained in a database and will not have to be reentered during subsequent playing seasons. This information can be edited anytime by the user either online or by contacting us as described in the last section of this privacy policy.

  2. Access Privilege

    The ability to access player or team information on the TSIC web site is limited to those individuals with a user ID and password. The level of information displayed to a particular user is determined by his/her role within the team sports organization. The coach and players/parents of a particular team will be able to view their entire team roster with corresponding player addresses, phone numbers, and birth dates. They will be able to access the rosters and schedules of other teams but will NOT be provided the addresses, phone number and birth dates for players on other teams. It is critical that parents and players do not release their user ID and password information to any other individuals to protect the privacy of their fellow team members.

    A club administrator will have access to all the registration information of all of his club’s players and will be responsible for building team rosters from the player registration database. The club’s teams will be submitted to the league administrator for the subsequent creation of division schedules and field assignments. The player’s registration information in whole or in part will be provided to the league officials. The club and league administrators’ access is also protected by a user ID and password. No other individuals except a limited number of TSIC employees who are responsible for database operations will have access to the specific registration information provided by players and parents.

  3. Traffic Security

    In order to prevent hackers from illegally intercepting an individual’s user ID and password or other information being transferred between the server and the user’s browser, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology is utilized. This is a standard security measure used to make Internet traffic unreadable to anyone but the requesting user.

  4. Credit card transactions

    Credit card transaction information is available only as long as it takes to complete a transaction with the financial institution. There is no long-term storage of this information. Consequently, it will need to be reentered for each transaction.

  5. Cookies

    Cookies are data files transferred to a user’s computer from a web site that can record specific user information. This information is supplied by the user and may include user ID, password, purchasing or site preferences. will only utilize cookies to obtain user ID information in order to eliminate the need for you to enter this each time you log on. TSIC, however, will not use a cookie to record your TSIC password. You will need to reenter this each time you use the system. This prevents someone from using your computer and gaining access to TSIC through your previously remembered user ID and password. TSIC cannot control the use of cookies by those web sites with which we have links. If you choose to visit a linked site, their policy on the use of cookies then applies. All users have the option to disable the receipt of cookies, thus eliminating the collection of the specific information requested. Browsers are initially set to receive them, however, and a user must actively select not to accept them. In doing so however, the user needs to be aware that there may be portions of the web site that will not display or function correctly.

  6. Message Board

    The TSIC message board is available to administrators, coaches, and players to report any information pertinent to the organization and its functions. Any personal information that you voluntarily disclose in this manner is not secure and this practice is strongly discouraged. In addition, TSIC cannot guarantee that unsolicited information not relevant to the organization will not be displayed by another user. Access to the message board is restricted however to those individuals registered with TSIC and the recipients of their messages is limited by the role they play within the organization. For example, a player can write to his/her coach but not to fellow players. A coach can write only to their own players as well as to the league and club administrators. The league and club administrators can communicate with all individuals within the organization

Notice to Parents and Children

TSIC is in business to provide an environment that enables youth and amateur recreational leagues and clubs to provide you with complete and timely information, and to free them of their previously cumbersome administrative tasks. Our web site is geared to children, parents and coaches for the easy retrieval of team rosters, schedules, standings and field assignment/directions. A message board is available for up-to-date schedule changes or late-breaking announcements.

We encourage all users who are children to visit the site with their parent’s permission. At that time we ask all parents navigate the site with their children to discuss the restrictions they require regarding submitting any personal information online. We strongly encourage all parents to complete the registration form or to oversee this process with their children. The TSIC marketplace can also be a fun site to view for all users, but parents should discuss this online shopping function with their children before they access the site independently. TSIC has links to other web sites and we cannot control the content of those sites. Parental supervision in accessing links is also recommended. The retrieval of information regarding a child’s team should be a fun and independent experience for many children, but we feel it is crucial for a parent to always be aware of a child’s internet activities. Please let us know if you have any further suggestions regarding this important audience.

Use of Information

  1. TSIC Mailings/Phone contact

    Coaches, club and league administrators, and fellow players and their parents will have access to your addresses (home and email) and phone numbers and may contact you via these routes. In addition, TSIC may contact you regarding sports-related contests, tournaments, or other promotions. TSIC will not provide addresses, email or phone lists to advertisers or vendors. Be aware that we cannot control an individual club’s or league’s decision to release this information.

  2. Aggregate information

    Information from multiple users may be collected without the identification of the individual user information in the report. Examples of this type of aggregate information include click stream data (how often users clicked on a banner advertisement for instance), purchasing preferences, shopping page preferences, and link selections. This information will be collected and used by TSIC to evaluate the success of our product meeting your needs. It will also be made available to advertisers who will evaluate their advertising strategy. TSIC will not disclose any individual user’s information to outside parties unless required by law.

Contact us with your concerns

At TSIC we are in service to provide you important team sports information, and allow you to register and shop online while at the same time maintaining as secure a site as possible with the necessary exchange of information to accomplish these goals. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us. If you would like to modify the information you have provided to TSIC in any way or to remove it altogether you may do so at any time on the web site or if you prefer, contact us at:
37 Decatur Avenue
Annapolis, MD 21403

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